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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

RIP, Lux

To add to the injustices of this year thus far, a capper. Lux Interior, frontman of the seminal 1970s punk-rock-a-billy band The Cramps, has died. One of the greatest frontmen in rock history. If not THE best. Others come close -- Dave Vanian, Mark Mothersbaugh, Iggy, Mick, Daltrey, etc. -- but few came close to the visceral energy and lust for life (sorry Ig) that Lux put into each and every goddamned performance. I was just listening to the Cramps and saying that I was worried about them -- that they hadn't toured in a while, and hadn't recorded any new music either. Little did I know. I'm gonna miss them more than I can probably express. Lux and Ivy were role models for any alterna-couple, and were always what I hoped would be the ultimate fate of Jenn and me: living life how we wanted, on our own terms and fiercely in love with each other. And fuck it, man; they still are my role models. They set a goddamned standard that should be followed by anyone.

Now when I die, don'tcha bury me at all.
Just nail those bones up on the wall.
Beneath these bones let these words be seen:
"This is the bloody gears of a boppin' machine."

Roll on.
Rock on.

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