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Friday, April 25, 2008

GoGo Para Presidente!

Terrifyin' Tim Lucas over at Video WatchBlog has suddenly made my day.

He posts yet another lovingly detailed and written-so-well-it-almost-makes-me-want-to-quit-writing-altogether blog entry, this time about the classic TNT cartoon program Rudy & GoGo's World Famous Cartoon Show, which was ESSENTIAL viewing back when it was on. Completely subversive (in that it took your expectations of what a cartoon show should be and utterly turned them on their collective heads), it paved the way for the now-common absurdist humor seen on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] lineup. When Space Ghost spent 30 minutes on his hands and knees, silently following a fire ant across alien landscapes, he couldn't have done it without Rudy, GoGo, and Jumpin' Jesse B. I know a lot of people would probably be happy if they hadn't bothered inspiring Chad Ghostal to do that, but not me. Go read his post for more details, since he sums it up so much better than I possibly could (he's got videotapes, though! I'm relying on nothin' but affectionate reminiscence!).

Hosted by two puppets and a goat, the show was never destined for longevity, especially in those salad days of the mid-90s, but it has had a lasting impact. You could argue (and I certainly would) that if it weren't for the show, I'd have never moved back south to Atlanta (I had a dream of working for Williams Street and [adult swim], and they wouldn't exist without TR&GGWFCS), and my life would've been considerably worse. In more than one way, I owe my present life to a little black-and-white she-goat named GoGo.

Thanks, Princess. I'm forever in your debt.

Please, please, please, for the love of Gogo, go check out the website. Maybe if Barry Mills gets enough hits, folks'll start to notice, and maybe we'll see reruns of R&GG on the TeeVee. If not on [adult swim], maybe on Boomerang? That'd be nice.

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